The mobilization against the takeover of Vale’s nickel plant (photo) by a Swiss trader is not weakening. This morning, thursday, November 19, the port was still being blocked by strikers. Very early this morning, the forces of law and order intervened to clear the accesses. The operation took place without any violence.

At the same time, demonstrators were blocking the entrance to the town hall of Mont-Dore, the second largest city in the Greater Noumea region. They also blocked the entrance to Païta’s town hall, the fourth largest city in Caledonia.

General strike and big meeting
The pro-independence trade union USTKE launched an appeal for a general strike throughout New Caledonia, tomorrow. The customary workers of the south, who launched the mobilization, will also organize a large meeting with the collective “Usine du Sud = usine pays (“Southern factory = Home factory”).
During this meeting, the speakers will compare the two takeover projects of Vale NC’s factory and mine. The Trafigura option, chosen by the Brazilian mining company,  and the local option :  Sofinor in association with Korea Zinc.