French President Emmanuel Macron has unveiled the map of the 238 new gendarmerie brigades to be set up across France.
The Pacific region has not been forgotten. There will be five new fixed and mobile brigades between now and 2027.
There will be two in French Polynesia (in Moorea and Papeete). These will be in addition to the current 23.
There are currently 29 in New Caledonia. A new fixed brigade will be set up in the north on the west coast (Kaala-Gomen). Two mobile brigades will be based in the centre of the west coast at Poya and Moindou.
These new brigades will specialise in domestic violence. In total, the government is investing 1,790 billion CFP francs (24.8 billion Australian dollars) over five years to double the number of police officers and gendarmes. This is a promise made by French President Emmanuel Macron.