For practical reasons, Polynesia voted a week earlier than the rest of France in the legislative elections. It has three deputies who sit in the National Assembly in Paris.
Only 42.21% of voters turned out to vote. For the first time, the pro-independence party, Tavini huiraatira, will have a candidate in the second round in all three constituencies. It currently has only one incumbent MP. Here is the list of candidates admitted to the second round:

1ʳᵉ constituency
Nicole Bouteau (Tapura-Ensemble – 40.9%)
Tematai Le Gayic (Tavini-Nupes 20.10%).

2nd constituency:
Tepuaraurii Teriitahi (Tapura huiraatira-Ensemble -33.21%)
Steve Chailloux
Tavini Huira’atira-Nupes (28.7)8

3rd constituency
Moetai Brotherson, first pro-independence MP in 2017, came first with 34.26% ahead of Tuterai Tuhamai (32.04% – Tapura).