The Chirac esplanade, named after the former President of the French Republic, was inaugurated on December, 15. Two restaurants opened their doors.

The Covid delayed things a lot, but now it’s done. The Jacques Chirac esplanade has finally been inaugurated in Papeete, French Polynesia. As a symbol, this esplanade is located at the end of the Pouvana’a a Oopa Tetuaapua* avenue, near the marina.
On this one-hectare site, there is also a harbour master’s office, a forecourt and a small path.  This billion franc investment is part of an ambitious strategy to develop the seafront.

Administrative capital
“Papeete has long been considered from an institutional point of view, where you come to work,” explained Nicole Bouteau, Minister of Tourism. For several years now, the seafront has been sublimated. The wish of the town and the country is to make Papeete a town with a tourist vocation with land-based hotels, but also with nautical tourism turned towards the sea”.  The administrative and political capital of French Polynesia indeed wants to conquer more tourists. This esplanade is a great tool for this.

All that remains now is to wait for the end of the Covid-19 crisis to fill these beautiful places with tourists…

* Pouvana’a Oopa Tetuaapua, (1895-1977), is a politician from French Polynesia. He is an emblematic figure of the anti-colonialist movement.