On Sunday May 28, a man in his forties died in a shark attack in northern Caledonia.

A shark attack took place at around 11am on Sunday May 28 in Poum, on the outskirts of the Tuany islet in northern Caledonia. The victim is a fisherman in his forties. A member of his family, who had remained on board a boat, saw blood in the water. He immediately dived in to rescue him. The fisherman died very quickly.
The fourth attack of the year
Since the beginning of the year, this is the fourth shark attack and the second shark-related death in New Caledonia. The first three attacks occurred near Château-Royal beach, in Nouméa. At the end of January, a swimmer was seriously injured. The following week, a wingfoiler narrowly escaped being bitten. On February 19, an Australian tourist was killed in a shark attack near the pontoon.