Most of President Macron’s televised address was devoted to current affairs in mainland France. The President spoke from Nouméa, but the aim was to speak to all French people. He did, however, have a few words about Caledonia. The last five years have been marked by three referendums, which is unprecedented, and the choice expressed is to remain in France and the Republic,” he said. I am now at the side of our compatriots for the next few days, to work together to define the foundations of this new path, this new project for the future of New Caledonia, respectful of its identity and its history, but in the light of the choice that has been made. I am here on one of our lands, in an area of the Indo-Pacific now subject to all kinds of tensions”.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the President will give a much-anticipated speech on the future of New Caledonia and the Indo-Pacific region.