For the first time, the Senate will have a pro-independence member.

Robert Xowie has been elected to the Senate. This is not the customary Senate of New Caledonia, but the Senate of the French Republic, in Paris. This is the second assembly that votes on legislation alongside the all-powerful National Assembly. He was elected thanks to the division of the non-independence party. The other candidate was loyalist Georges Naturel. This will have little impact in France as the Senate does not change political colour. The right-wing remains in the majority.

Sonia Backès was not elected

In New Caledonia, however, there will be more consequences. Sonia Backès was not elected even though she seemed to be the favourite. It was a failure for her. It is also a failure for the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, because she was a member of the government of the Republic. It would be customary for her to resign.

The big question now is what state the non-independence “family” will be in over the next few months. It is preparing to negotiate new institutions with the independentistas and the State.

The outgoing senator, Pierre Frogier, was not re-elected. This old lion of politics is thus putting an end to his political career.