Marine biologist Matthieu Juncker is to spend eight months living alone on an uninhabited islet in French Polynesia. The experiment is taking place in Tuamotu, an archipelago in eastern French Polynesia. The region is home to almost a quarter of the 400 atolls in the world. The scientist will feed himself by fishing and using the island’s plant resources.

The Tuamotu redhorse

Matthieu Juncker will study the Tuamotu redhorse, a species of bird endemic to this region and threatened with extinction. Matthieu Juncker has also been commissioned by the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea to monitor the presence of plastics. The Polynesian association Te mana o te moana has asked him to observe turtle nesting sites. He will also be making a film about the experience. A website in his name will enable the adventure to be followed from a distance.